Save the Dates!

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Fifth Annual Online Faculty Symposium
July 30-31, 2018

Our 2018 Online Faculty Symposium was a success! You can find the presentation materials from the sessions linked below.

Overview of the College of Online Education 2017-18 Annual Report (Cindy Parker)

Student Services: The Academic Advising Perspective (Matt O’Brien)

Navigating Online Class Behavior and Academic Integrity (Marshall Lancey & Susan Bastian)

Strategies for Meeting Students’ Expectations for Course Content (Andrew Walsh & Scott Turner)

Student Panel

Feedback Matters: Balancing Effectiveness and Efficiency (Heather Myers & Maya Ott)

Emerging Approaches to Student Recruitment and Retention (Josh McCarthy, Shannon Hatch, & Angelo Pitassi)

From Curriculum Approval to Delivery: How a Course Goes Online (Amy Ricci)

Successful Strategies for Teaching 8-Week Online Courses (Susan Bastian & Andrew Walsh)

Program Growth and Market Relevance (Dave Cartwright & Anice O’Connor)

Enhancing Student Learning with Multimedia (Pete Eastwood)

Accessibility: Helping Students Get the Most Out of Your Online Course Content (Megan Giebert & Karen Westphal)