Writing Support for Online Students

Writing support is now available for students in online courses! Visiting the Student Writing Support site for more information.

Writing support helps students with:

  • Clarification of assignments
  • Understanding of paraphrasing, summarizing, and outlining
  • Narrowing a topic and developing a thesis statement
  • Organization of ideas and information
  • Conducting research
  • Use of APA documentation
  • Revising for content, organization, and word choice
  • Identifying major errors in grammar and punctuation and instruction in correction of errors
  • Comprehension of reading assignments
  • Improvement in note-taking and time-management skills

Writing support does not:

  • Assist students with the content or examinations (including written assignments that qualify as examinations)
  • Write any portion of a student's paper
  • Assist with reading assignments, unless the student has read the assignment first

Support is also available by contacting Kellie Nappa directly at knappa@jwu.edu or 401-598-5268 or visiting the Student Writing Support site.