Plagiarism Module

Together with the library, the College of Online Education has created an interactive media-based module on plagiarism that is available for faculty to include in ulearn course sites. The module was designed to help students understand what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and why it is important to avoid it. The module also allows students to practice what they learn and includes a final quiz to gauge how well the students understand the material.

To review the module for potential use in your course, use this link: Plagiarism Module. The link will prompt you to log into ulearn to access it.

To have the plagiarism module added to your online course, contact Online Education at to request that we upload it for you. Be sure to indicate the course number, CRN, and the specific location where you want the module to be placed (e.g., MGMT1001, CRN 12345, Syllabus & Course Info). There are four options you can choose from, so please let us know which one you want.

  1. Non-tracked – students can access the module, but their completion or non-completion is not tracked.

  2. Completion – students will complete the module and receive a checkmark in the grade center upon completion so you can see that they completed it.

  3. Participation Points – students will complete the module and receive participation points in the grade center (i.e., 1, 3, 5 points)

  4. Graded – students will complete the module and their quiz grade at the end of the module will be reflected in the grade center (i.e., 75, 85, 100)