Preparing Your Course

Your course is made available to you 5-6 weeks before the start of the term and is pre-populated with content either from the last time you taught the course or from the master course. You receive an email letting you know the course is available and ready for your preparation.

As an online faculty member, it is your responsibility to make sure your course is set up on time according to the expectations outlined in the documents below. Courses must be set up at least 10 days in advance of the term start date so the Online Education staff can ensure that all courses are ready when they become available to students.

Contact our team at onlinehelp@jwu.edu or 401-598-4429 if you have questions or need support.

Online Course Preparation and Teaching Expectations - Use this document to guide your course preparations and teaching. Review the document early to give yourself time to make the needed updates for the new term.

Important Spring 2018 Term Dates - Use this document to plan the weekly due dates and weekly availability dates.

Credit Hours Calculation and Schedule Generator - As of the Fall 2017 term, Johnson & Wales University requires every faculty member, full time and adjunct, to demonstrate that their courses meet the federal credit hours requirement. This is a good practice in general and a part of preparation for our NEASC visit. JWU courses are required to have a minimum of 132 engagement hours. Engagement hours include all the time students (broadly) need to spend engaged with course concepts and content - such as reading, studying, working on assignments, discussing topics, doing research - in order to meet course objectives.

What does it mean for me?

Prior to each term, you must submit your estimate of your online course(s) using the Credit Hours Calculator to the College of Online Education through your assigned instructional designer by the course preparation deadline. This spreadsheet is a tool to guide you in determining the engagement hours in your online class. It will also create a course schedule that can be copied into your syllabus and a summary of engagement hours by type for reporting (currently only required by the College of Business). Do not make significant adjustments to your course based on the results. If you do have questions about this tool or your course, reach out to your instructional designer.

Credit Hours Calculator & Schedule Generator Spreadsheet

Your estimate of engagement hours and the break down by activity type also contribute to the University's efforts to calibrate each course to ensure that students have a comparable experience across sections, regardless of location (campus) or modality (on ground, online, or hybrid.) Your estimates will contribute to decisions about revising the master course.

To learn more about how to complete the spreadsheet, view the Credit Hours Calculator and Schedule Generator video.