Making Online Discussions More Fun and Engaging (10/20/16)

As educators, we know discussion forums are where meaningful student interaction happens in our online courses. In fact, substantial student-to-student interaction is a requirement for all online courses per the U.S. Department of Education. However, a recent study of our online students indicated many don’t see these online discussions as important components of their courses.

Do you sometimes struggle with making online discussions engaging for students? This session was led by Online Instructional Designer Susan Bastian. Participants learned about new ways of thinking about discussions in the online environment. They left with concrete ideas to create discussions that will get students thinking deeply, applying concepts, and actively engaging with their classmates.

This session covered:

  • Discussions that go beyond “post once and respond to two classmates”
  • How to create discussions that are open ended and that students actually want to answer
  • Using the discussion forums as a tool to assess student understanding
  • How to set up discussion forums in ulearn
  • How to grade discussions in ulearn