Using uSucceed for Online Courses 

The College of Online Education uses uSucceed to proactively reach out to students to offer support and help them resolve problems. Our online academic advisors are trained to reach out to students on a variety of issues, above and beyond the support that is offered to students in traditional on-campus courses. To that end, throughout the term, online faculty are asked to raise flags for students at risk of failing, primarily the Academic Concern-ONLINE Courses flag. Please review the information below and contact Amy Ricci with any questions you may have.

+ What is uSucceed?

uSucceed is an early alert, retention, and advising system, which may be known as Starfish at other institutions. The College of Online Education uses uSucceed to proactively provide support to online students to help them be successful. Research shows that proactive outreach by support staff has a positive impact on online student retention. You can think of uSucceed as an easy way to alert online academic advisors to academic or general concerns you may have about a student. When you use the flags labeled for ONLINE courses, the flags are private between you and the advisor and are not seen by students. Referrals are not needed in addition to the flags for online courses. Academic advisors use the information you provide in the flags to reach out to students to offer a variety of support options.

+ Where do I find uSucceed?

uSucceed is accessed from within ulearn. You can find the uSucceed tab near the top right corner of the screen. The uSucceed tab is visible only when you are on the “my ulearn” screen and not when you are in a course site. If you don’t see the uSucceed tab, click the my ulearn tab first.

+ How is uSucceed used in online courses?

There are three ways in which you will use uSucceed for your online course(s):

  • Online Enrollment Confirmation Surveys – These surveys are used after week 2 of the term to finalize enrollment. You are asked to indicate which students have participated and which ones are no-shows.
  • Weekly Flagging on an As-Needed Basis – We ask that you review student academic progress in your course(s) on a weekly basis and raise the Academic Concern-ONLINE Courses flag as needed to alert academic advisors of students who have low participation, missed assignments, or low grades. The online academic advisors will then reach out to the students.
  • Week 5 Progress Survey – In the fifth week of the term you will receive an email asking you to complete a progress survey to indicate academic concerns about student performance. This survey is used in addition to the weekly flagging to ensure at-risk students have not been missed and to give you an opportunity to update us on any flags you have raised previously.

+ What flags can I raise and what happens when I raise a flag?

There are two flags that you can raise for online courses. For ALL online courses, please only use the flags with ONLINE in the title.

  • Academic Concern – ONLINE courses – Raise this flag when you are concerned about any aspect of a student’s academic progress in your class. For example, you should raise the flag when a student has missed assignments, low grades, and/or low participation. A comment field requires that you indicate the nature of your concern. The flag is private between you and the advisor. The student does not see the flag or receive an email. Academic advisors receive a notification and reach out to the student. The advisor will follow up with you, as appropriate.
  • General Concern – ONLINE courses – Raise this general concern flag if you have a concern not related to a student’s academic progress. For example, if a student reports not knowing how to get their textbook, use this flag to alert an academic advisor who will contact the student with appropriate information. The student does not see this flag. See the user guide on how to raise these flags »

+ Does uSucceed change how I manage my class and communicate with students?

uSucceed does not change how you manage your online class or communicate with students. You should still be reaching out to students regarding their academic progress in your course. Please note that usucceed is not a vehicle for communicating with students in online courses, so you should contact them via JWU email or some other method. uSucceed simply allows you to alert academic advisors of concerns about the student for which additional support can be offered. We suggest that you review student progress on a weekly basis and alert us to concerns as soon as you have them by raising a flag. The sooner we reach out to the student, the more likely we will be able to help him or her.

+ Do I need to set up a profile?

We encourage all faculty to set up a profile with your contact information. Although this information is also in your online course, putting it in uSucceed gives students one more way to find you. Please see the user guide on setting up your profile here.

+ Do I need to indicate office hours in uSucceed so students can schedule appointments with me?

Faculty teaching on-campus courses are asked to indicate office hours so that on-campus students may schedule time to meet with them. If you are only teaching online courses, you do not need to indicate office hours in uSucceed and students will not schedule appointments with you via uSucceed. Please continue to provide your contact and availability information in your online course syllabus and course site, as usual, as well as in your uSucceed profile.